from Desert Places by Robert Frost

Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster


Idk if there was something like this before but I know that there are tons of little Legolas braiding his dads hair but almost none when Thranduil is braiding his son
I mean that if Legolas was a little clumsy prince then maybe it was Thranduil who made this hairstyle which Legolas has kept forever bcus he loves his ada so much idk I’m just having feelings about these both again


Too many Red Room fics emphasize a backdrop of noncon/sexual abuse and it really does baffle me, given it doesn’t fall in line with Natasha’s current 616 origins. Is there an argument to be made that this was potentially something she had training in? I guess. (Though I frankly doubt this was…

The kid Steve remembers never even existed. No one’s ever been able to see that. No one but Natasha.

track: Fineshrine
artist: Purity Ring
album: Shrines
play count: 307

Get a little closer, let fold
Cut open my sternum, and pull
My little ribs around you
The lungs of me be crowns over you


Steal Her Style: Jan Skylar

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Preview of Léa Seydoux in next week’s issue of The Edit


Everyone has either one of two extreme expectations of what Bucky should be. Either A. The Weapon or B The Long Lost Hero. They expect him to be was he was Before, however they thought they knew him. No one really has any intentions of giving him an option C. No one except Natasha.

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